Red Cherries Accounting is a flexible finance management software for SME

100% free and open source cloud based finance management solution for small and medium enterprises
to drive their business operations efficiently.

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Download Red-Cherries-Accounting
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System Features

Red Cherries Accounting will help your organization to manage financial information clearly using standard bookkeeping techniques.
System comes with easy to use screens and a convenient system install/upgrade feature.

Manage Organization Data

Allows to manage all organization information in a dedicated system module. Main company information can be added and organization structure can be defined. All business locations and people information can be entered. Data import and system configuration option allow to start organization data management conveniently.

Location Based Accounts Management

If required, it is possible to maintain accounting records separately for each location. Management and financial reports can be generated separately for each location.

Flexible Chart of Accounts

System has a default chart of account structure. However, you can change the default chart of accounts structure according to your requirements. Furthermore, you can specify your prime entry books or change existing prime entry books to manage accounting transactions.

Manage Purchases and Sales

Manage your purchases by specifying whether you buy products from a supplier and you should pay for it or you receive free issue products from a supplier. Sales can be added with discounts, free issues. For a sales note you can accept saleable or market returns. Multiple cash, cheque or credit card payments can be added for sales notes.

Manage Receive and Make Payments

Flexible Receive and Make payment options are available. You can easily add claim transactions when add Receive or Make payments so that only the balance payment for a debtor or a creditor can be made. Cash, cheque and credit card payment options are available for Receive payments. Cash, cheque and second/third party cheque payment options are available for Make payments.

Comprehensive Cheque List

Ability to see all cheque details in a single screen. Filter the received or paid cheques and check their current statuses. Easily mark them as deposited to bank, cleared from bank or returned. Further, system has configuration options so that when enabled cheques will be processed automatically on cheque banking date. The automatic cheque processing include to mark cheques as deposited to bank or cleared from the bank.

Dashboard to See Accounts Highlights

See most important financial details on a dashboard. This allows to compare income with expenses, see summary of assets, see summary of liabilities, see top expense accounts and see debtor and creditor account balances. System allows to filter details for accounting locations separately.

Add Opening Balances When Start

If your business is already functioning and you start using Red Cherries Accounting, you should add your account opening balances to the system. System allows to add opening balances for each location separately with debtor and creditor account balances.

Management and Financial Reports

Management reports allows to see trial balance, sales payment details, debtor and creditor account details and cash and cash equivalent account balances. Under financial reports you will see balance sheet and profit & loss details. Reports can be generated by selecting cash or accrual accounting methods.

Ability to Manage Company Services

In addition to managing company financial information, there is a separate system module to manage company services. Current version has a service management sub module called Donation Manager. This sub module allows you to manage donations you receive and manage projects you execute using donations. You can link Donation Manager with Accounts Manager so that all financial details of Donation Manager can be maintained properly. It is possible to implement many more service management requirements under this Service Manager module.

In built language Pack

System allows to translate strings on screens to other languages. Users can see a separate screen for that and all display strings and message strings are listed on this so that their corresponding translations can be added. This feature avoids small customizations related to strings and users can use their familiar strings instead of what is given by default in the system.

Comprehensive User Roles and Permissions Management

Any number of new user roles can be created using default user roles available in the system. Permissions can be assigned for newly created user roles according to your requirements. When there are advanced permission requirements, system has the flexibility to implement such advanced permissions easily. Users can be created and default and newly created user roles can be assigned to them.

Request Support

We provide support for Red Cherries Accounting when you need user training, host it on a cloud server, upgrade the software to the latest version and when you need prompt support for your software instant. Use following support request options to obtain support at an affordable rate.

Purchase 1, 2 or 3 hour online training session.
  • 1) Overall feature demonstration.
  • 2) Cover all functionalities with examples.
  • 3) Detail discussion at the end of training.
1 Hour$801
2 Hours$1201, 2
3 Hours$1801, 2, 3
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Select best suitable hosting plan for your organization.
  • 1) 6 month cloud hosting with 1 upgrade.
  • 2) 1 year cloud hosting with 2 upgrades.
  • 3) 2 year cloud hosting with 6 upgrades.
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Select best suitable advanced support plan for your organization.
  • 1) 2 customizations/year - cost of 40 hrs.
  • 2) 6 customizations/year - cost of 120 hrs.
  • 3) 12 customizations/year - cost of 240 hrs.
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Covid-19 the biggest global pandemic in 2020 has already stopped day today life and most crucial economical activities.

So far over 297 million people infected with Covid-19 worldwide and more than 5.4 million people died. Covid-19 considered to be most dangerous not because of it's death rate, but because of it's ability to transmit easily among people and infect them fast. So far there are few vaccinations in use are those are using to reduce the death count. However, there is no any successful drug found for the virus and therefore the only protective measure to stop transmitting the virus is to limit human movements. This stops whole economical activities and lots of companies worldwide are facing a huge challenge to step back into normal operations. Even though they somehow start their normal operations, the critical challenge that any business may face is, how to generate enough revenue during this pandemic period. Companies need to find out strategies to fine tune their business processes and ways to make processes more efficient so that unnecessary costs can be eliminated.

We have carefully evaluated to see how we can support the companies affected by the Covid-19 pandemic so that they can come back to their normal business operations. Our final decision was to release a free and open source accounting software solution so that companies can have a better control over their financials. As a result of this we made the first release of Red Cherries Accounting which is a part of Red Cherries ERP. Already developed companies find Red Cherries Accounting useful because that will help them to reduce software costs and start-up companies will find it useful because they do not need an initial cost for software solutions to control their financials. Further it will support the companies to easily and effectively control their financials and they will find it really helpful to develop their business.

We have a dedicated team to maintain Red Cherries Accounting software solution so that we can release regular updates. Further the companies using Red Cherries Accounting software solution can easily upgrade the software solution to Red Cherries ERP. Therefore, starting to use Red Cherries Accounting for your company will be a great decision since that will support well with the start of your business and it will be very supportive when your business develops in future.

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Red Cherries Accounting

Red Cherries Accounting is a free and open source accounts management Software Solution which tracks your all financial records and outputs financial status for better decision taking.
We will offer you the superior service. Experience our services and feel the change

  • Flexible accounting solution
  • Structure your accounts as required
  • Convenient debtor/creditor payment handling
  • Better debtor and creditor management
  • Convenient cheque management features
  • Freedom to change and improve features on your own
  • Comprehensive user guides
  • Availability of professional training
  • Availability of cloud hosting at an affordable rate
  • Frequent new version releases